Subway Surfers 2

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Subway Surfers 2 Subway Surfers 2 is a little boy living in a big metropolis. Quite often our hero, along with his friends, is naughty in the streets of the city and even draw pictures on the walls. Of course, they are pretty much chased by the police. Today in the Subway Surfers 2 game we will help our hero to escape from the pursuit. For our hero will be chasing the patrol and he must run through the streets of the city. Of course, various obstacles will appear on his way. He needs to jump over them or dive. The main thing is not to hit objects, because if there is a collision then our hero will catch up and be arrested. All that this Subway Surfers 2 wanted to do was to ride his new hoverboard around his native town. Then the evil policeman tried to arrest him. Can you help him escape from the clutches of this crazy cop in this online action?